Our purpose is to help leaders benefit many through their vision, while feeling fulfilled by their ventures.

When we know who we are and who benefits the most from what and why we do, we can set clear guidelines and boundaries that will keep us on the path of joy, creating positive impact and contributing for the life of others.

From very early I realized that businesses have power and great impact in our societies. And if we want to generate impact in people’s lives, we should start within the people that carry a strong vision and make it reverberate through their businesses. It is all about the positive transformation you can bring to people on a bigger scale.

Why Into The Brand?

We are all about making people happy.

You, your team and your customers.

Into the Brand was inspired in the movie title “Into the wild” – Where a young man leaves on a courageous and brave journey to understand himself, people and society, and what truly bring happiness to us as humans. During his journey he writes a diary where he document his learnings. Leaving a contribution to human kind from his journey.

This journey is similar to the one all our clients board on when starting to work with us. A journey to understand:

  • who their businesses are as a brand
  • to understand better their customers
  • the impact they could generate into the society to benefit many others.

They are open to start explore from within and instead of taking designed blueprints, they want to find their own and thrive as a leader, building a legacy through your their brand.

Hi! I am Nathalia, but please call me Nat 🙂

Nathalia Montenegro 03

After working as a brand manager for a few companies,I started at an early age my own consultancy business because I couldn’t stand working with leaders that didn’t have a vision.

I was always passionated about systems – identity – meaning and behaviour, what has always been the core of my work. And it led me to take two degrees, one in the business and other in the Arts field.

I am obsessed with

  1. Identifying business potential;
  2. Observing the market behaviour;
  3. Crafting identity and putting all of this together in a way that help brands to find and thrive their unique place in the market!
  4. AND creating STEPS and structuring things as clear as possible (as you can see 😅)

The A-HA moments in the eyes of my clients as they start to gain awareness is what I love the most about what I do!

Actually, the whole process of uncovering all the information and structure it in a way that creates the path for leaders to fulfil their vision is very rewarding for me. It is like a puzzle, the pieces are there, but first you need to identify them and put them together in a way that makes sense to to others.

My clients say that I am like a flash light in a dark room! 🔦😁

They are always talking about how positive I am when it comes to find new paths and evolving and they always comment about how much clarity and compassion I have for showing them what they can’t see.

I guess that as a surfer and an outdoor sports addicted I learned to love the unknow, and to overcome challenges. Maybe that’s why I am the greatest cheerleader and coach of my clients. Always pushing them through their best performance.

Also, as a buddhist I am constantly in contact with communicators able to turn very deep and complex teachings into simple and practical ways to understand.

I believe that there is people in the world with a strong vision that benefits many, they see possibilities that others don’t see. But having a vision doesn’t means that they know how to make it happen. You have to clear your way to get there.

And I always felt that my purpose was to help these leaders to benefit many through their vision while making them feel fulfilled by their ventures.