Gain clarity about how your brand creates value and stands out in the market


Own your brand’s authentic story and connect with the right audience


Harmonize long-term strategy with short-term practical steps for taking action right now in the right direction

For visionary leaders looking for innovative paths for their companies

You’re a founder or CEO of a company or organization and you have a strong vision for your business. You acquired great expertise in your industry field but you feel that it is time to update your company in the market or to expand to new niches.

You are also willing to re-align the business with your vision, craving to build a meaningful company that benefits others while promoting positive impact and influencing your industry.

You already burned some neurons (more than you wish) trying to figure out which are the right next steps for your company. Yet, the path ahead still looks quite cloudy?

And you also know the importance of a strong foundation setting guidelines to make sure that every investment and action you take will serve your company’s purpose, creating value and serving your goals, right?!

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What to expect from working with us?

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Have you ever felt that your company has the potential to be much more than it is now, but you are unsure of the next step to make it happen?

💡 “I always felt uncomfortable when I had to explain what our company does. I felt I couldn’t communicate with integrity all that the company represents, and it ended up sounding superficial, not communicating our true expertise.”

💡 “I want to expand my company to new markets and explore the potential of my business, but I don’t know how to start doing it in the right way.”

💡 “We started the company aiming for a goal. But after all those years our life changed, and we don’t feel energised anymore by what the company stands for”.

💡 “I have a strategy in mind, but I am not sure if this is the right way to go.”

💡 “We want to gain leverage so we can contribute to society and influence our industry. But it is hard to figure out how to connect with our stakeholders, and bring people together.”

If any of the above sounds like something you’re going through, I would love to guide you towards your vision!

It is common to feel like your company is on a plateau (you feel like you need to keep moving but don’t know exactly how). That happens because of the lack of clarity on the potential of your brand to create value.

Sometimes it is hard to put all the pieces together to create a clear pathway.

Here is where I come in to take you on a journey, your journey, to your paradise.

Helping you to expand consciousness about your brand and business, in a way that both parts are so aligned that everything the business (operational part) does deliver the brand (value), creating constant value for your brand, your audience and your stakeholders.

Together we will build a strong foundation that will sustain and drive the actions and efforts of your business, taking you closer to achieve your vision.

So you can stop blindly investing, avoid unnecessary trial and error, and avoid wasting money, resources, and time on tactics and actions that don’t serve your core strategy.

The promised land strategy

Story-based and humanized approach for effective brand & business strategy.

Gain clarity to re-align your brand and expand your impact

Align your brand and business through a trusted strategy that will give you direction, help you to (re)connect with the right audience, and expand your business. In 8 weeks, without stopping your company from running.

The promised land is a metaphor to all the value and impact you want to create for the people that you serve: your audience, customers or clients.

It helps you to know exactly

  • how to create value for them;
  • how to align and adjust your business in a sustainable way so that..
  • you feel confident enough to deliver it with outstanding creativity.



A method to build a thinking system for your brand to create value

The promised land strategy is a method I developed to build thinking systems for your business to guide your team towards brand building and value creation. By allowing them to channel their innovative thoughts in the right direction, this will create more freedom and trust, and collectively build a stronger business in a way that makes sense to you.

It will take you from confused and feeling stuck, to a clear and fulfilling vision and direction for your brand and business, and the steps to get there. Adding the key to success: a human perspective and sensibility. Some clients fondly call it “brand therapy” 🙂

I would just say it is a humanized approach with a long-term sustainable vision.

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Check the benefits of having a clear brand strategy defined:

  1. Increase perceived value around the brand – products and services.
  2. Own your brand story and how to communicate to connect with its tribe.
  3. Finding a place in the market where you can influence and thrive, standing out from the competition.
  4. Avoid waste of financial and human resources on isolated actions with uncertain outcomes.
  5. Increase and potentialize return of marketing investment – with effective marketing tactics supported and guided by your brand foundation.
  6. Feel more confident about the direction your business is going.
  7. Feel emotionally and spiritually fulfilled by your venture.
  8. Feel at peace about what to do next without overthinking.
  9. Create a bigger impact through your brand by having a positive impact on others.
  10. Develop your business in alignment with what you believe in.

I am here to guide you and to clear paths for your business to go in the right direction, and your brand to reach its unique vision.